Skeleton Life-Size Model 180CM


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Product Description

This classic life-size skeleton model is high-quality and is detailed in structure. Measuring 180cm not is does it make an incredible office ornament, but is also the perfect human anatomy study tool! The model can be dissembled into parts, giving you the ability to view pieces from all angles. In addition, it can also be hung on the wall or ceiling using the hook located on the skull.

  • Depicts over 200 anatomical bones
  • Moveable lower jaw
  • Main joints can be adducted, abducted and are removable, such as in the shoulder & hip joints.
  • Visual representation of the vertebral artery, lateral lumbar disc herniation & spinal cord with nerve roots
  • Made of a high-quality PVC
  • Washable
  • Durable joint connections
  • Stand on wheels allows for easy transportation
  • Quick and easy assembly
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