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Durable, reliable and affordable training models, delivered worldwide.

Why Us?

Improve Confidence

Build your confidence with daily practice and master your skill of choice.  It’s believed mastery takes 10,000 hours, better start sooner than later.

Commitment To Medicine

Prove your dedication, by taking matters into your own hands and practicing in your own time!

Visual Guides

If you’re a visual learner, you’re going to love training alongside our step by step HD video guides.

Learn New Skills

Stay ahead of your cohort and stand out by learning new skills with our high-quality medical simulations.

Improve Your Clinical Skills

Many only get the chance to use simulation models at University, but we’re changing the game, you order, we ship, you practice.

PDF Guides

For those of you that aren’t visual learners, we’ve gone ahead and added all you need to know into a downloadable PDF file.

HD Video Guides

When purchasing select products, you will receive access to our members portal, where you’ll find HD quality, step by step video guides, providing you with everything you’ll need to know to perform procedures on the product you’ve purchased. If you aren’t a visual learner, don’t sweat it, you’ll find a comprehensive downloadable PDF document, including HD quality photos and instructions, guiding you through each step of the way. PLUS, continuous access to any additional training material we may add in the future.

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“I’ve been using my Kits of Medicine suture trainer for almost a month now; the fact that it’s withstood my constant suturing for this long is quite impressive! The suture pad is unlike any other that I’ve trained on before & the training guides provided are simple and to the point. I can now comfortably say that my confidence in suturing has most definitely improved! Love and recommend Kits of Medicine to anyone starting out or wanting to polish up on their suturing skills! xx”
Erika Manine

- Pre-Launch Tester

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