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Product Description
Introducing the CPR Sim, a versatile and budget-friendly CPR training model designed to provide students and instructors with a comprehensive and realistic learning experience. This dual-use model is perfect for practicing life-saving techniques on both adults and children, ensuring you’re prepared for any CPR scenario.
Our CPR Sim is meticulously crafted to resemble the real human body, offering a highly realistic touch and appearance. The adjustable depth compression feature allows you to switch between adult and child modes effortlessly by turning the mechanism on the back. This adaptability makes the CPR Sim an invaluable training tool for those learning and teaching essential CPR skills.
Incorporating face/head tilt motion, the CPR Sim replicates the same head movements a person would experience during actual CPR. Additionally, the built-in lung bags provide full chest rises, ensuring accurate and authentic practice sessions. This attention to detail allows users to develop a better understanding of the proper techniques and build confidence in their ability to perform CPR in real-life situations.
The CPR Sim Kit arrives ready to use, requiring almost zero setup, so you can begin practicing right out of the box. To enhance your training experience, the kit includes 50 face shield sheets for added protection and hygiene during practice sessions. These disposable shields ensure a clean and safe learning environment for all users.
Elevate your CPR training with the CPR Sim, a budget-friendly and highly effective training model designed to provide an accurate and immersive learning experience. Developed with precision and expertise, this CPR training model is an essential addition to any medical or first aid course, giving students and instructors the confidence and knowledge they need to save lives.
  • Head/face tilt motion
  • Adult & child depth compression settings
  • Lung bags allow for realistic and accurate chest rises
  • Removable face
  • 50 Face shield sheets
  • Convenient and portable bag for easy transportation
  • Almost zero set up required
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