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Our reusable and durable suture kit is comprised of 3 non-toxic silicone layers, demonstrating the skin, subcutaneous fat and muscle. We’ve made sure that this will be the last suture trainer you’ll have to purchase for a while, by implementing a mesh layer between the skin and subcutaneous fat layer ensuring minimal rips and tears, replicating skin toughness. We understand that in the real world wounds aren’t all perfectly straight lines, which is why we’ve equipt our suture pad with 14 wounds that’ll be sure to give you a challenge. We’ve even gone the extra mile and added a sticky base to ensure minimal movement for even the most intense suture sessions!

  • x1 Reusable 14 Wound suture pad
  • x1 Mayo-Hegar needle holder
  • x1 Mosquito Hemostat
  • x1 Iris scissors
  • x1 Adson toothed tweezers
  • x1 Flat Adson tweezers
  • x1 Scalpel holder
  • x6 Scalpel blades
  • x20 Suture thread
  • x1 All-in-one case
  • x1 Suture training guide
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