Suture Practice Kit

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This suture kit is your key to mastering the art of suturing with precision and confidence. The all-in-one kit includes a 3-layer suture pad with 14 wounds, which features Duo Mesh technology, ensuring maximum tensile strength and realistic skin toughness. High-grade stainless steel suturing instruments, and a variety of threads, all housed in a unique carrying case for convenient practice on the go.

Elevate your suturing skills with our voice-guided, step-by-step online video course, created by qualified UK surgeons. Covering six diverse techniques and offering continuous access to future videos, our course enables you to efficiently learn and apply advanced suturing techniques. Designed and developed by medical professionals, our suture training kit guarantees the highest level of accuracy and realism.

Please note, this kit is intended for practice purposes only and not for human use.

  • Reusable 14 wounds suture pad
  • Mayo-Hegar needle driver
  • Mosquito hemostat
  • Iris scissors
  • Toothed tweezers
  • Flat tweezers
  • Scalpel holder
  • 10 nylon threads
  • 10 silk threads
  • Unique all-in-one suture kit case for convenient on-the-go practice
  • Expertly designed suture video course by qualified surgeons, covering:
    • Instrument introduction
    • Suture safety
    • Taking a bite
    • Hand tie
    • Simple interrupted suture
    • Surgeon’s knot
    • Vertical mattress
    • Horizontal mattress
    • Continuous suture
    • Access to future additional techniques
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