IV & Phlebotomy Training Kit – Light Tone


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Product Description

Put down your friend’s arm, it’s time to practice on a life-size realistic simulation, built with innovative veins that create a “give-feel” on entrance for the most realistic experience possible, while also being able to withstand between 1000-2000 sessions!

Whether you’re practising to become a phlebotomist, are a medical student or just need the extra practice, you’ve found the right product! There’s nothing worse for a patient than someone who isn’t confident in taking blood, which is why our IV & Phlebotomy/Venepuncture kit is the perfect training model to gain confidence on before dealing with real patients, as when you’re confident, it shows!

Best of all, our arm is anatomically correct, representing Metacarpal Veins across the hand, along with Median Cubital and Cephalic veins along the arm. Allowing you to master phlebotomy and IV practice procedures using the most realistic simulation on the market.

Know somebody who is in need of some phlebotomy practice? This is the perfect gift for nurses and medical students. Nobody wants to receive a book for their birthday, so why not get them the best phlebotomy gift out there? We’ve even gone the extra mile and included step-by-step HD video tutorials, breaking down phlebotomy/venepuncture practice procedures.

  • Realistic practice arm
  • Metal stand with base
  • 2 fluid bags & tubes
  • Syringe with needle
  • Butterfly needle for syringe
  • Tourniquet
  • Cannula needle
  • 5 precision glide needles
  • 10 vacutainers
  • 5 vacutainer plastic holders
  • 5 alcohol wipes
  • 10 cotton buds
  • Tape
  • Gloves
  • Tegaderm film
  • Training mat
  • 2 vein clips
  • Blue carry case
  • Setup instructions & video training guides

CAUTION: Veins contain Latex!

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