IV & Phlebotomy Training Kit


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Whether you’re practising for an examination, to become a phlebotomist or require IV training, you’ve come to the right place!

Our incredibly realistic IV & Phlebotomy Training Kit feels and looks just like a human arm, down to the fine detail, allowing for the most naturalistic experience possible. Not only that, but it’s also one of the most durable and affordable simulations on the market. Each arm is created to simulate artificial skin, meaning with each needle stick the skin automatically reseals, allowing for continuous practice in the same area without vein rupture, leakage or breaks. Happy days!

Increase your confidence and become an expert on performing phlebotomy, IV, & cannulation procedures using our training video guides.

  • x1 Realistic practice arm
  • x1 Metal stand with base
  • x2 Fluid bags & tubes
  • x1 Syringe
  • x1 Syringe needle
  • x1 Syringe butterfly needle
  • x1 Tourniquet
  • x1 Cannula needle
  • x5 Precision glide needle
  • x10 Vacutainers
  • x5 Vacutainer plastic holder
  • x5 Alcohol wipes
  • x10 Cotton buds
  • x1 Tape
  • x1 LATEX gloves
  • x1 Tegaderm film
  • x1 Training mat
  • x2 Vein clips
  • x1 Blue carry case
  • Instructions to set up your phlebotomy training kit + video training guides
ALLERGY CAUTION: Veins contain Latex!
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