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Stethoscope Bundle Kit - Kits of Medicine

Stethoscope Bundle Kit


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Product Description

The stethoscope is one of the most iconic medical inventions to date. However, unlike Rene Laennec, who invented the stethoscope using long, rolled paper tubing as a funnel to hear sounds from patients, we’ve come a long way. Introducing the Stethoscope Bundle Kit. Whether you’re a medical student preparing for clinical rotations, or a fully qualified doctor on wards. This kit has you covered!

  • x1 General use stethoscope – Incorporating high-quality stainless steel, dual head (bell and a flat-sided diaphragm) chest piece with a non-chill ring and a black, durable, single-lumen tubing with a length of 58 cm.
  • x1 Black pen torch – A reliable and easy to use diagnostic tool which includes pupil gauge.
  • x1 Quartz movement fob watch –  Quartz fob watch with lockable brooch pin, protected in a black silicone case. Essential for any hospital environment.
  • x1 Ink pen & A6 note pad – Easily jot down your findings for the day.
  • x1 Hard carry case – Portable & durable hard zip case (L) 33cm x (W) 16cm x (D) 5cm. Perfect for protecting your stethoscope and kit contents from loss, damage or dirt!
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