Dental Suture Pads


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Product Description

Elevate your suturing skills and boost your confidence with the most realistic dental suture pads available. The Dental Suture Pads are meticulously designed to enhance your competence in handling various wounds throughout your dental career. Say hello to a new era of dental suture training, as you gain hands-on experience with our life-like models.

Our cutting-edge Dental Suture Pads are crafted using a mould of the human mouth, offering an unmatched suturing experience that closely simulates real-life scenarios. Each suture pad model features a different view of the mouth, providing an array of simulation opportunities to hone your suturing expertise across diverse oral situations.

Master your technique and perfect your skills, as each wound is engineered to withstand up to 40 sutures when the correct method is employed!

  • x4 Dental suture pads, each with a variety of wounds
  • x2 Suture thread
  • x1 White suture stand
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