Suture Pad With Wounds


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Product Description

Our durable suture pad is comprised of 3 non-toxic silicone layers, demonstrating the skin, subcutaneous fat and muscle. With a total of 14 wounds, are you ready for a challenge?

We’ve added a single mesh layer between the skin and subcutaneous fat layer ensuring minimal rips and tears occur, replicating skin toughness as much as we possibly could. Not only are our suture pads durable, but they’re also incredibly stable, we’ve noticed most suture pads on the market are made from foam, preventing the user from having a stable suture experience and long-lasting suture trainer. That’s why we’ve designed our suture pad with an innovative sticky silicon base, keeping the suture pad as stable as possible, even during the most intense suture sessions!

  • x1 Reusable 14 Wound suture pad
  • x2 Suture thread
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