Suture Pad With Wounds


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Product Description

Experience a realistic and challenging suturing experience with our Durable Suture Pad, featuring 3 layers that represent the skin, subcutaneous fat, and muscle. Our innovative duo mesh design, placed between the skin and subcutaneous fat layer, ensures maximum tensile strength and closely mimics human skin toughness. Say goodbye to unstable and single-use pads, as our reusable suture pad is designed to withstand hundreds of practice sessions with minimal rips and tears.

Boasting 14 wounds with varying depths for comprehensive practice. Complement your learning with our exclusive suture video course, offering expert guidance and step-by-step tutorials to help you master essential suturing techniques. This suture training pad is the perfect partner for medical students, nurses, and physicians seeking to refine their skills and conquer the art of suturing.

  • Reusable 14 Wound suture pad
  • 2 Suture thread
  • Expertly designed suture video course by qualified surgeons, covering:
    • Instrument introduction
    • Suture safety
    • Taking a bite
    • Hand tie
    • Simple interrupted suture
    • Surgeon’s knot
    • Vertical mattress
    • Horizontal mattress
    • Continuous suture
    • Access to future additional techniques
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