3D Wound Suture Pad


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Product Description

Our 3D Wound Suture Pad is comprised of non-toxic, high-quality silicone and enables for a more three-dimensional approach to suturing. The pad includes 10, 3D pre-cut incisions, each different in size, shape, dimension & thickness, allowing you to take a different approach when suturing compared to traditional pads. The texture and flexibility of the 3D wounds will help you familiarise yourself with shapes and structures that may be presented when suturing in the abdominal cavity.

The durable single layer of silicone makes for a lightweight and easy to carry suture pad, and although it may be lightweight, that doesn’t take anything away from its durability, as the dense purpose materials used are able to withstand multiple suture techniques and repetitive practice in the same area!

  • 3D Wound Suture Pad
  • x2 Suture thread
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