3D Wound Suture Pad

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Discover the next level of suturing practice with our innovative 3D Wound Suture Pad, expertly crafted from non-toxic, high-quality silicone to deliver a more immersive, three-dimensional suturing experience. The pad features 10 unique, 3D pre-cut incisions, each varying in size, shape, dimension, and thickness, challenging you to adapt your techniques beyond the limitations of traditional pads.

Designed to mimic real-life scenarios, the texture and flexibility of the 3D wounds help you acquaint yourself with the shapes and structures typically encountered while suturing in the abdominal cavity.
Despite its lightweight construction, our 3D Wound Suture Pad offers exceptional durability. The single layer of premium silicone ensures portability and ease of use, while the dense, purpose-built materials are engineered to withstand a range of suture techniques and repetitive practice in the same area without compromising longevity.
Embrace the future of suturing training with our cutting-edge 3D Wound Suture Pad, offering unparalleled realism and versatility to elevate your skills and boost your confidence in handling diverse suturing situations.


  • 3D Wound Suture Pad
  • x2 Suture thread
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