Dental Suture Kit


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Product Description

Experience realistic suturing training with our Dental Suture Practice Kit, designed for dental students and professionals to refine their skills. The kit includes reusable suture pads from a human mouth mould, capable of withstanding up to 40 sutures per wound, 6 high-quality stainless steel dentist tools, and a variety of Nylon and Silk suture threads. Housed in a portable, protective all-in-one case, our kit allows for convenient on-the-go practice.

A unique and educational gift for dental students or professionals, our Dental Suture Practice Kit offers extensive training opportunities for skill development. With a focus on quality, our kits have been praised by dental professionals and students for their effectiveness in improving suturing abilities.

  • x4 Dental suture pads, each with a variety of wounds
  • x1 Mayo-Hegar needle holder
  • x1 Mosquito hemostat
  • x1 Iris scissors
  • x1 Adson toothed tweezers
  • x1 Flat adson tweezers
  • x1 Scalpel holder
  • x6 Scalpel blades
  • x20 Suture thread
  • x1 White suture stand
  • x1 All-in-one case
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