Dental Suture Kit


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Product Description

Our reusable dental suture kit is a mould of the human mouth, minus the wounds, we added those in order to create the most precise dental suture simulation on the market, as not every patient is as willing as our dental suture pads. Each dental suture pad is equipt with a sticky surface area to maintain a stable suture, along with a variety of challenging wounds, of which you’ll be sure to encounter throughout your time in the dental field, making this the perfect dental suture training kit!

  • x4 Dental suture pads, each with a variety of wounds
  • x1 Mayo-Hegar needle holder
  • x1 Mosquito hemostat
  • x1 Iris scissors
  • x1 Adson toothed tweezers
  • x1 Flat adson tweezers
  • x1 Scalpel holder
  • x6 Scalpel blades
  • x20 Suture thread
  • x1 White suture stand
  • x1 All-in-one case
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