3D Heart Anatomy Kit – 31 Pieces


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Product Description

Introducing the 3D Heart Kit, a top-quality model composed of 31 intricately designed pieces that, when assembled, form a flawless representation of the heart’s structure. The model’s vibrant colors enhance your ability to visualize all vessels originating from and entering the heart, ensuring you never forget that the blue pulmonary artery carries deoxygenated blood away from the heart. Moreover, the model meticulously illustrates the coronary arteries and their branches, providing a solid foundation for understanding numerous cardiovascular pathologies.

The heart cavity’s internal structure is depicted with remarkable clarity, allowing you to fully comprehend how the myocardium’s contraction, facilitated by the chordae tendineae, causes the heart valves to open. Reassembling this anatomical model serves as an invaluable tool in helping you memorize the precise location of each valve, which in turn aids your understanding of valve diseases and the rationale behind auscultating heart sounds and murmurs.

The 3D Heart Kit is not only an exceptional study aid for enhancing your anatomical knowledge of the heart, but it also makes for an attractive study office ornament. Elevate your learning experience and captivate your senses with this extraordinary heart model.

  • Set of 31 pieces (Heart Model stands at 14cm tall)
  • Gift box
  • Instruction manual
  • High-quality and detailed finish
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