3D Heart Anatomy Kit – 31 Pieces


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The 3D Heart Kit is a high-quality model consisting of 31 pieces that when put together forms a perfect representation of the heart’s structure. Vivid colours aid your ability to visualize all vessels originating from and entering into the heart, ensuring you never forget the blue pulmonary artery carries deoxygenated blood out of the heart. In addition, the model represents in detail the coronary arteries and their branches – knowledge that is the basis of understanding many cardiovascular pathologies. The internal structure of the heart cavity is clearly shown, allowing you to fully understand how the contraction of the myocardium, through the chordae tendinae, causes the heart valves to open. Reassembling this anatomical model is a great tool to help you memorize the exact location of each valve, which will aid you in understanding valve diseases and the logic behind auscultation of heart sounds and murmurs.

Not only is this kit a perfect study tool to help you better your anatomical knowledge of the heart, it’s also an appealing study office ornament!

  • x1 Set of 31 pieces (Heart Model stands at 14cm tall)
  • x1 Gift box
  • x1 Instruction manual
  • High-quality and detailed finish
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