3D Eye Anatomy Kit – 35 Pieces


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Introducing the 3D Eye Anatomy Kit, a masterfully crafted collection of 35 high-quality pieces that come together to create an unparalleled representation of the human eye anatomy. Move beyond the limitations of traditional anatomy atlases and immerse yourself in an interactive, hands-on learning experience with one of the most invaluable study models available.

This exceptional model grants you a profound understanding of the inner workings of the human eye, including the intricate layers responsible for light reflection, enabling you to read this very description! Discover the extraocular muscles that facilitate eye movement, along with their precise positions and insertion points, which will significantly enhance your comprehension of the ocular movements they generate. Additionally, the kit features a single piece representing the lacrimal gland, ensuring you never confuse its anatomical position.

Not only will this model help you interpret clinical presentations such as neurological issues that impair eye movement, but it also serves as an eye-catching study office ornament. Reassembling the model is an engaging study tool that surpasses the capabilities of traditional images and textbooks in fostering long-term memory, making it an indispensable resource for your ophthalmology exam preparations. Elevate your learning experience with the remarkable 3D Eye Anatomy Kit.

  • Set of 35 pieces (Eye Model stands at 14cm tall)
  • Gift box
  • Instruction manual
  • High-quality and detailed finish
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