3D Eye Anatomy Kit – 35 Pieces


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Product Description

The 3D Eye Anatomy Kit is made up of 35, high-quality pieces, providing a perfect representation of the human eye anatomy. Forget trying to visualize the full structure of the human eye from your anatomy atlas, and instead get hands-on with one of the most useful anatomy study models! This model will provide a deep understanding to the inner workings of the human eye, such as the different layers of the eye that cause light reflection (that allow you to read this description), the extraocular muscles that help move the eye, including the correct position and insertion points which will help you immensely when it comes to comprehending the ocular movements they cause. In addition, you’ll notice the single piece representing the lacrimal gland, ensuring you don’t mix up its anatomical position. Not only will the model help you interpret clinical presentations such as neurological problems that impair movement of the eye, it also makes for the perfect study office ornament!

Re-assembling the model is a great study tool and aids in allowing you to memorize the complete anatomy of the human eye in a way that images and textbooks can’t! This will help build the long-term memory you’ll need for your ophthalmology exam preps!

  • x1 Set of 35 pieces (Eye Model stands at 14cm tall)
  • x1 Gift box
  • x1 Instruction manual
  • High-quality and detailed finish
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