3D Ear Anatomy Kit – 14 Pieces


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Product Description

The 3D Ear Anatomy Kit is a high-quality anatomical model, consisting of 14 pieces that can be put together to complete a three-dimensional demonstration of the most inner structures of the ear. Not only is this the perfect study office ornament when built, it’s also an engaging and interesting way to refresh your anatomy knowledge during exam preparations, for the likes of the ENT examination.

This kit is ideal for any medical student trying to surmount the anatomical complexity of the human ear, by helping you to visualize the anatomical relationships between the external, middle and inner ear down to the finest detail. Instead of being left puzzled by images online or in textbooks, get hands-on experience by simply reassembling the contents of the kit! This will provide you with a better understanding of the ear’s structure, while the vivid colors of the model aid to improve your long-term visual memory.

  • x1 Set of 14 pieces (Ear Model stands at 7.7cm tall)
  • x1 Gift box
  • x1 Instruction manual
  • High-quality and detailed finish
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