3D Ear Anatomy Kit – 14 Pieces


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Product Description

Introducing the 3D Ear Anatomy Kit, a premium-quality anatomical model consisting of 14 pieces designed to create a three-dimensional representation of the intricate structures within the ear. This kit not only serves as an eye-catching study office ornament, but also offers an engaging and informative approach to refreshing your knowledge during exam preparations, such as the ENT examination.

Ideal for medical students seeking to conquer the complex anatomy of the human ear, this kit allows you to visualize the relationships between the external, middle, and inner ear with exceptional detail. Say goodbye to confusion from online images or textbook illustrations, and gain hands-on experience by assembling the kit yourself. Enhance your understanding of the ear’s structure while the model’s vivid colors aid in improving your long-term visual memory.

  • Set of 14 pieces (Ear Model stands at 7.7cm tall)
  • Gift box
  • Instruction manual
  • High-quality and detailed finish
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