IV & Phlebotomy Practice Essential


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Product Description

It’s time to step up your IV game!

This Phlebotomy Practice Essentials kit has everything you’ll need to perform a venepuncture and cannulation in the most professional manner. Combining both the IV & Phlebotomy Training Kit & Phlebotomy Practice Essentials kit will give you the most realistic simulation, as close to the real thing as you’ll get, minus the human patient of course…


• x1 Tourniquet
• x1 Cannula needle
• x5 Precision glide needle
• x10 Vacutainers
• x5 Vacutainer plastic holder
• x5 Chlorohexidine wipes
• x10 Cotton buds
• x1 Tape
• x1 LATEX gloves
• x1 Tegaderm film

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