IV & Phlebotomy Practice Essential


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Product Description

The IV & Phlebotomy Practice Essentials Kit is the ideal supplement to enhance your phlebotomy training journey! Whether you’re seeking to top-up or add to your existing phlebotomy practice, we’ve got you covered.

Our comprehensive kit is designed to complement your existing phlebotomy training kit, providing all the additional components necessary for a realistic and immersive practice session. Carefully curated with high-quality items, this kit ensures you’ll be well-prepared for real-life phlebotomy procedures.
This Phlebotomy Practice Essentials Kit is an invaluable resource for both aspiring and experienced phlebotomists, healthcare professionals, and students alike.
Included in the Phlebotomy Practice Essentials Kit:
• x1 Tourniquet 
• x1 Cannula needle
• x5 Precision glide needle
• x10 Vacutainers 
• x5 Vacutainer plastic holders 
• x5 Chlorohexidine wipes 
• x10 Cotton buds 
• x1 Tape 
• x1 Gloves 
• x1 Tegaderm film
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