3D Skull Anatomy Kit – 39 Pieces


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The 3D Skull Kit consists of 39 pieces when put together, forming a perfect representation of the anatomical relationship between the bones that form the viscerocranium and neurocranium.

Each piece has a highly detailed structure clearly representing all the processes, fossae and foramina which allow the cranial nerves to exit the skull. The articulated mandible allows for an in-depth comprehension of the mechanics behind the temporomandibular joint. By gradually removing each bone you’ll explore its connections to proximal anatomical structures allowing you to better grasp the complex composition of the nasal cavity, pterygopalatine fossa and the orbit.

Instead of trying to visualize where the ethmoid bone or the pituitary gland lay, discover it first hand by reassembling this kit! The sutures connecting the bones are easily discernible, while the calvaria is removable from the base of the cranium allowing you to study the internal structure of the head, such as the meninges, venous sinuses or the meningeal arteries – knowledge that will help you immensely in understanding the aetiology of intracranial bleedings. Both the cerebellum and the cerebrum are included, as well as a clear depiction of the gyri forming the cerebral cortex. This kit contains extracranial anatomical features too, such as the common carotid artery and it’s branching, in addition, to the cervical section of the spine.

Not only is this skull model a perfect 3D study tool, but it is also a captivating ornament waiting for a seat on your bookshelf or study table!

  • x1 Set of 39 pieces (Skull Model stands at 9mcm tall)
  • x1 Gift box
  • x1 Instruction manual
  • Intracranial & extracranial structures
  • High-quality and detailed finish
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